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Security Risk Management

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Security Risk Management

A weak, compromised or non-existent security program is of great risk to any organization.  Assets that are vulnerable to damage, loss, misuse or theft can cost an organization not only the value of an asset but compromise the reputation and effective operation of the organization.  In an ever uncertain world, where organizational security is becoming the new normal, it is imperative to have a fully functioning and effective security program to protect the organization; its people, customers, physical assets, digital assets, business reputation and effective operation.  At George Security Consultants (GSC), we employ state-of-the-art industry methods to identify an organization's risks, threats and vulnerabilities (RTV) and provide the most comprehensive strategies and solutions to mitigate and or eliminate those factors and strengthen an organizations security footprint.  


At GSC, our core Security Risk Management services consist of Consulting and Training.  Services may be tailored to meet the needs of our client; either a limited scope or on a full-service basis.  To address the needs of an organization, GSC has developed a three-tiered service approach:


Three-Tiered Services Approach:


  • Tier 1:  Consulting - GSC will conduct a detailed security risk assessment of an organization, department, business unit or a particular physical asset, security function or process and provide a comprehensive report with recommendations.  General consulting services would include but are not limited to consulting at Due Diligence, Acquisition, Merger, Asset Development or Security Review on an existing asset or security program, process or policy. 


  • Tier 2:  Consulting & Project Management - GSC will provide the services as detailed in Tier 1 and will also engage as the customer's representative as a project manager in implementing agreed recommendations to strengthen security for the identified asset, function, program, process or policy.  

  • Tier 3:  Full Security Risk Services - GSC will provide full security risk consulting, project management and security program/asset protection services to the client on an on-going basis.  


GSC can tailor services to meet the particular needs of the client and are not bound by the tiered approach.  The most important services we provide is customer satisfaction, trust and to ensure an organization's security needs are met.




GSC offers consulting services from a number of years of experience in the public and private sectors.  In the public sector, GSC industry expertise includes areas of Law Enforcement Operations, Jail Operations/Detention Services, Government Facilities Security, Physical Security Technology, Security Contract Management and Court Security.  In the private security sector, our team specializes in the areas of Commercial Real Estate Asset Management, Telecommunications Security, Corporate Security, Regulatory Compliance, Contract Security Management, Facilities Security Planning, Design & Implementation, Due Diligence and Data Protection.


Private Sector Security Consulting Services Include:


  • Security Risk Management Assessments - Report & Recommendations

  • Due Diligence - Acquisition, Merger, Development of Assets and Key Personnel & Business Relationships

  • Project Management - Planning, Design & Implementation of Integrated Security Technologies (Real Estate Assets)

  • Organizational Review and Process Improvement (Security)

  • Policy Review & Updates - Security and Asset Protection

  • Training/Educational Programs 

  • Human Resource, Risk Management and Legal - Litigation Support Services

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • High-Risk & Disaster/Emergency Planning and Response


Criminal Justice Consulting Services Include:


  • Security Risk Management Assessments - Report & Recommendations

  • Project Management - Planning, Design, & Implementation of Security Strategies and Technologies (Government Facilities, Courts & Jails)

  • Strategic Planning & Long-Range Planning

  • Process Improvement and Operational Effectiveness

  • Policy & Procedure Creation, Review and Updates

  • Training and Education Programs

  • Development and Implementation of Community-Oriented Policing Programs and Training




As organizations manage security programs and practices to confront the ongoing changes in risks, threats and vulnerabilities, employees and security personnel must be trained to meet the ever-evolving security environment.  Training and communication must be at the forefront of any effective security management program.  For security personnel, they must have effective training on security policies, procedures, crisis management, emergency/disaster management, security audits, active shooter incidents, workplace violence, hostile work environment, harassment, incident reporting, liability factors, threat awareness and the operation of technology and equipment they use to do their jobs.  Employees must be given comprehensive up-to-date instruction in security awareness and workplace safety, so they may understand the issues that may threaten their personal safety and that of the organization. Training events may not only provide educational awareness of safety and security issues but in-depth training can be provided to educate employees on how to react to workplace incidents to include high-stress incidents from bomb threats to active shooter situations.

Training Services:

  • Organizational Security/Safety Policy & Procedure Training

  • Emergency Management Training:  Disaster Response & Emergency Evacuation

  • Workplace Violence/Active Shooter 

  • Harassment & Hostile Work Environment 

  • Safety & Security Awareness 

  • Crisis Management & Incident Response  

  • Table Top Exercises - To determine the efficacy of Security/Emergency Plans & Training

  • Development of Security/Safety Committee Program

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